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The Music, the Myth, the Movement

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What is BHc?

Join us on our Journey! Support the Music – Support the Movement!

BHc is a hip hop artist collective, cannabis brand and cannabis activist movement.

From the early days of reefer madness to today; the stoner stigma is alive and well. 

BHc is commited to educating and informing the public

as well as fighting for legalization for both medial and recreational use.

United by a plant, inspired by a cause, BHc is dedicated and we will change the laws!

Big Hits?

We make those big hits to support both new artists and lobby for the legaization of marijuana.

Not only do we strive to record outstanding tracks we exercise our GOD given right to partake in the herb. It’s all about that Wick Life and Big Hits!
Organic Hemp

Versatile and inexpensive, hemp can be used for an amazing array of products, from soaps and clothing to organic hemp wick.

Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is made with hemp fibers and bees wax. Called natural fire, smoking with all natural hemp wick eliminates the taste and unhealthy effects of butane lighthers.

Equality and Ethics

 Cannabis is legal in many states, yet in the states where it is not legal, citizens that can benefit from cannabis use are jailed and/or fined. BHc is working hard to educate individuals and law makers about the positive effects of cannabis use.

Big Hits

Music not only heals and inspires, it brings people together in a positive way. By supporting our music, you are supporting our movement and helping to end the prohibition of marijunana and to strengthen the belief in Christ.


The Secret of Success

Our team is comprised of talented artists that have a passion for music! Together we have over seventy years of combined experience. From creating beats to writing meaningful lyrics and designing compelling merchadise, BHc is commited to the craft.


Robin Aletras


still looking


Lil’ GHe


Kenny Kruga


Mo Prophet




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